About Us

What sets us apart? From the moment we opened our doors, Computer Rescue 911 has been dedicated to doing what’s right, no matter how challenging it may be.

At Computer Rescue 911, we’re exactly what our name implies: when your computer needs rescuing, we’re ready to impress. With services for families and businesses across the area we call home, we’re always here to make a difference for you. Our one-stop shop is the other facet that sets us apart. By providing a guaranteed place for our customers to seek help, we are able to offer assistance for virtually any need, from basic cable to campus-wide wireless and network installation and the support services to go with it. No matter what you need, our tireless team is eager to show you why we’re the best in town at what we do.

Want to see what our happy customers have to say? Let us know – business references are available upon request.

The Early Years

In 2007, Moe and Kevin Damghani saw a need for a cost-effective computer solutions company in the greater Grand Rapids area for both residential customers and businesses alike. And thus, Computer Rescue 911 was born.

As the economy started to fall toward the end of 2007 and our new business got started, we quickly learned how to manage overhead without compromising quality in order to keep our rates low. Grand Rapids needed an affordable alternative, and that’s exactly who we intended to be. This commitment – keeping costs down along with our prices – was a huge driver for our early success, and still is today, nearly a decade later.

Built upon their combined computer experience of over 40 years, Moe and Kevin started their business small but set their sights on a bigger, brighter future. The company began as a father-son team dedicated to a goal of supreme customer support, unsurpassed service, and rates that are priced well below industry standards.

The quality and commitment offered by Moe and Kevin was immediately evident, and Computer Rescue 911 grew to become an industry leader in Grand Rapids. Their model perpetuates to this day, providing amazing services at great prices across numerous technology functions.


The Present

Today, Computer Rescue 911 has a base of over 6,000 customers and hundreds of businesses that rely on our many services and offerings.

In 2011, we opened our retail store and repair facility in Grand Rapids. The business changed again in 2014; Moe retired and Jonathan Highman joined the team as a partner with Kevin. Jonathan, who carries an MBA, brought a wealth of knowledge in business fundamentals in addition to IT expertise. Together, the new leadership team flourished, giving Computer Rescue 911 an opportunity to move forward in new and innovative ways.

Over the years, we have branched out and diversified our company to offer specialty web solutions as well as full-service business support, providing a one-stop resource for everyone in need of computer-savvy services. When you choose Computer Rescue 911, you can count on our low rates, knowledgeable staff, and expert attention for all of your jobs. With an ever growing team, we are able to assist your business and provide high quality IT services to do our part in your success.

With a team that has a great reputation and decades of experience, we pride ourselves on trust.

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